Elemental Chaos

At the foundation of the world, the Elemental Chaos churns like an ever-changing tempest of clashing elements. Just as the gods originated in the Astral Sea, the first inhabitants of the Elemental Chaos were the primordials, creatures of raw elemental power. They shaped the world from the raw material of the Elemental Chaos, and if they had their way, the world would be torn back down and returned to raw materials. The gods have given the world permanence utterly alien to the primordials’ nature.

The Elemental Chaos is a riotous realm. For those that have not experienced it firsthand, it is incomprehensible. Here, flame speaks and lightning dreams, iron hates and seas hunger.

Islands of earth, ash, mud, salt, or semisolid smoke and flame, some as vast as continents, float amid an endless sky. Rivers of water, lava, or liquid air flow from oceans bounded by nothing solid, cross landscapes of broken crystal, and spill over cliff faces made of tangible lightning. Winds of heavy vapor are guided by currents of chaos, whipping into enormous storms of burning hail and sharp-edged thunder.

As disconcerting as the substance of the Elemental Chaos is, worst still awaits visitors. Direction has no meaning. Locations shift constantly. Even gravity is capricious, exerting its pull differently on living things than on objects.


Archons – disciplined soldiers of the disordered elements that exist only for fighting.

Djinns – beings of mercurial whim and capricious fancy, djinns once lived only to fashion shape and function out of nothingness. An ancient elemental race that enjoyed unequaled mastery of air and cloud, they were imprisoned by the gods in punishment for their support of the pirmordials in the Dawn War.

Efreets – An ancient elemental race of cunning and fire mastery. They remained neutral during the Dawn War and thus avoided the destruction that came to others. Efreets are notorious for their ability to make deals advantageous to themselves and adhere to the letter rather than the spirit of an arrangement. (See also City of Brass)

Genasi – Elemental beings, the Genasi are not native to the Elemental Chaos and struggle to survive there. Conflicting legends claim they arose from humanoids imbued with elemental essence or were creations of the primordials predating other forms of life.

Giants and Titans – Formerly the servants of the primordials, Giants and Titans no longer serve their former masters, but they still aim destroy the creations of the gods in an attempt to return the cosmos to the former primordial existence that they helped build.

Githzerai – An introspective people, the Githzerai see themselves as the calm in the literal storm of the Elemental Chaos. Their settlements are rare points of order in the Elemental Chaos. They are grim and focused on control, but they do assist travelers in need. (Brother Race with the Githyanki)

Slaads – Embodying disorder and entropy, slaads claim all of the Elemental Chaos as their stomping ground. Not elementals, primordials, or demons, but chaos made flesh, and they delight in the fury of clashing elements.

Locations of Note

City of Brass

Elemental Chaos

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