USD Scales of War

Session Fifteen: Finding Those Who Are Lost

Cliff Notes:

  • Vimak gets a message from Immerstal the Red, goes to see him with Erik. They receive a prophecy that Vimak believes pertains to the party.
  • Theren and Modyom go to meet Megan Swiftblade. She warns them that someone has placed a bounty on the party members’ heads.
  • Kalad informs the heroes that a messenger from Brindol was looking for them. After investigating, they discover that the woman was Jalissa and that she has been kidnapped by the Lost Ones.
  • The heroes begin to scour the city looking for acolyte of Ioun, eventually turning to their friend and informant Darius Finch. He points them to the Nine Bells district and an abandoned temple of Pelor.
  • Outside the temple, the heroes meet the Elf with an eyepatch—a mercenary named Gilgathorn (“Thorn to my friends”). He warns them of the bloodlust of the Lost Ones.
  • After rescuing Jalissa (sort of), they party heads back to Brindol to meet with Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor.
  • On the way back, the heroes meet a patrol of guards looking for raiding and kidnapping brigands. (Gnolls, apparently).
  • Sertanian shows them the platinum longsword they rescued from Sinruth’s band; it is holding the spirit of a woman named Amyria and she needs the heroes help to be freed.
  • Additionally, Amyria knows that a gnoll named Fangren is trying to become an exarch of Yeenoghu, the demon god of the gnolls, and that he is nearly complete in opening a rift to the Elemental Chaos.
  • While meeting with Sertanian, some Bounty Hunters attack, and afterwards, the heroes see Thorn again.
  • The party travels to Fortress Graystone and realize they are being hindered in their progress by someone shadowing them.
  • Eventually, they arrive and see the fortress before them.

Notes: Jalissa was maimed; but survived. Fargrim is missing. Immerstal the Red gave Vimak a prophecy



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