USD Scales of War

Session Eight: Rushing in and Flooding Out

Splashed with red carnage and the power of fist

After navigating the labyrinth of tunnels and caves of the Vents and quickly eliminating several orcs, the Heroes entered the Gauntlet. A wide corridor ending in a pair of double doors, this passageway is more dangerous than it seemed. Lined with statues made of iron and stone, the hallway comes alive as the party moves down it. Crossbow bolts fly out of the mouths of the stone statues; the iron defenders move to intercept the heroes; and an arbalester disguised as spitting cobra peppers the party with arrows. Eventually, the heroes are able to deactivate the constructs, and move ahead to the double doors.

Kicking in the doors, Modyom leads the group into the fray. This is a large boiler room occupied by a rather large contingent of orcs. Iron tubes as tall as a man run across the room, holding boiling water that can flood the Vents and prevent the orc army from coming through. The fight is fast, hard, and brutal. A Dark Creeper named Iranda surrenders and barters information for his life. Apparently, he was hired by a shadar-kai witch named Myrissa (the party later discovers she is Tusk’s lover)to provide both arms for the orc army, and information regarding a passageway beneath the mountains. Modyom took his equipment, including a strange brass tube. This tube, according to Iranda is a key to the Shadowfell. The party is unsuccessful in finding out where this portal is, but they let the dark creeper live, despite Kalad’s warnings. In addition, the party finds a body of one of the Freeriders; a half-elf warlock. She is clutching a sending stone in her hand. No one answers the calls put out by the heroes through the stone.

The party enters some chambers with the door ajar; they can hear orcs talking. The dwarves that built this hidden place guarding the Vents were devout followers of Moradin and in between shifts of both guarding and expanding the tunnels, they stayed underground. These chambers once billeted the dwarf miners, warriors, and priests, but little of their presence remains with the orc infestation. Orc soldiers are exploring these rooms in search of plunder and the party can hear them growing frustrated by the spartan rooms. Unfortunately, a Cavern Choker has been biding his time, waiting to escape, and uses the entrance of the heroes as his opportunity. Unfortunately, after making short work of the orcs, the group does not allow the Choker to leave.

Across the hall, the party finds another room, this one a shrine to Moradin. The workers probably came here to receive the blessings and protections of their priests. Unfortunately, now the site is the lair of a ravenous cave troll and its handlers, and the heroes can almost hear the desecrated shrine calling out to be purified. Though the Cave Troll is vicious and brutal, the group makes short work of it.

Now, the heroes enter the final room. In case the tunnels are compromised by enemy forces, the dwarves built the Nexus to seal off access by activating a complex trap that causes the doors to seal the tunnels shut and the room to fill with boiling water. However, with the dwarves largely wiped out, the orcs are free to enter this chamber, and open the gates of Bordrin’s Watch for the waiting orc army unless the heroes can stop them. Waves of enemies rush at the group; Tusk, the warchief of the orc army and his adviser Myrissa do their best to prevent the party from successfully closing off the tunnels. Fortunately, Vimak is able to climb the middle column and prevent the whole group from being held back. Only after Tusk is defeated is the group able to start flooding the chamber. After an epic battle, with serious hits taken on both sides, the heroes emerge victorious and climb out of the chamber and seal the door, locking in the few remaining orcs to drown, and washing away the hopes of the invading orc army.

After sealing the Nexus and returning to Overlook, the heroes serve in the defense of Bordrin’s Watch, fighting on the walls. Led by Durkik Forgeheart, the fighting lasts five long days. It isa long and hard-fought battle, but civilization is victorious. After receiving badges of honor (the Heroes of OVERLOOK!), the personal thank of the council (Elder Cadrick is thankful for the heroes’ bravery and skill.), and a hefty reward, the party is able to relax and enjoy the city. Though the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch has been lifted, the heroes victorious, and Overlook saved, the group feels as if they are being watched. There are many questions that loom over the city and the party, and only the heroes can search for those answers. Notes: Vimak’s axe revealed some of its power—the goliath turns insubstantial when charging. The party possesses a strange Brass tube that is apparently a key to a portal leading to the Shadowfell. The party possesses the sending stone found on the half-elf warlock’s body. Kalad lives and his future is uncertain.



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